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GEARX brand double enveloping worms and worm gears are manufactured by unique method, compared with the normal cylindrical worms and worm gears, the double enveloping worms and worm gears has more teeth in meshing, give a better lubrication oil film, and has larger induced curvature radius. Under the same physical size, the double enveloping worms and worm gears can endure higher load about 1.5 to 3 times higher than the cylindrical ones. With the same transmission power, its center distance can be reduced up to 20 to 40%. The extra precision double enveloping worms and worm gears of all sizes can steadily reach grade 4 of DIN standard and better than Ra 0.4 of thread roughness.

Double enveloping worm gear set mounted with axes at a 90 degree angle. This type of gearing is also called Globoidal worm gearing, but the term double enveloping is more commonly used worldwide recently.

Main Products:

Product Feature:

  • Large loading capacity under the same specification.
  • Compact dimensions can be designed and manufactured.
  • Higher shock load capacity.
  • Greater durability and stiffness.
  • Easily establishing lubrication oil film, smaller friction coefficient, higher transmission coefficient, saving energy.
  • High precision.
  • Smoother functioning, lower noisiness and longer service life.


The double enveloping worms and worm gears are widely used for metallurgical, petroleum chemical, light textile, architectural, wood working, mineral-dressing equipment and food machinery as well as aero-space industry etc., For example, they can be used in architectural hoist, tower cranes, elevators, escalators, passenger conveyors, wood working machines, mineral-dressing for gold, continuous casting machinery, universal machines precision indexing mining equipment, feeder breakers, shuttles, conveyors, rock crushers, heavier multi-stage gearing, roll drives, winders, slitters, roll turnover stands, turret indexers, drum hoists, winches, slab pushers, side adjusters, screwdowns, furnace tilt drives, roll drives slitters and radar equipment etc., as transmission devices for power transmitting or precision position driving.

double_enveloping_worm_and_worm_gears double_enveloping_worm_and_worm_gears
Double enveloping worm and worm gears Double enveloping worm and worm gears


Main Equipment:

Main Instrument:

Quality Control:

World-class theory and technology. excellent equipment and measuring instrument as scientific are the assurances of high quality of products.

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