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GEARX brand worms and worm gears include European / American standard single-star / double-star / multi-start worms and their mating worm gears. Worms and worm gears can be machined with ZA, ZN, ZI, ZK and ZC types. Products are available in steel, hardened steel, alloy steel, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, brass, plastic, POM, delrin, acetal or nylon. Besides stock worms and worm gears, GEARX also offers custom made worms and worm gears as per specifications, drawing or sample. GEARX can provide services from design to manufacturing to satisfy the customer's requirement of good products with high precision, low noise and long life time.

Module: 0.5-20mm,
Max. diameter of worms: 280mm
Max. lead angle: 35˚
Max. grinding slide stroke: 570mm
Max. diameter of worm gears: 890mm
Max.helical angle: 45˚
Precision grade: DIN 3 or AGMA 11
Surface roughness:Ra 0.4(Max. Ra 0.1)  


Metric Worm and Worm gears

  1. Steel Worms: M0.4-4
    Bronze Worm Gears: M0.4-4
  2. Steel Hardened and Ground Teeth Worms: M1-6
    Bronze Alloy Worm Gears: M1-6
  3. Stainless Steel Worms: M0.4-0.5
    Brass Worm Gears: M0.4-0.5
  4. Delrin Worms: M0.4-4
    Delrin Worm Gears: M0.4-4
  5. Stainless Steel Worms: M1-3
    Nylon Worm Gears: M1-3
  6. Alloy Steel Hardened and Ground Teeth Dual Lead Worms: M2-4
    Bronze Alloy Dual Lead Worm Gears: M2-4

Imperial Worms and Worm Gears

  1. Steel Worms: DP3-16
    Steel Hardened Teeth Worms: DP6-16
    Steel Hardened and Ground Teeth Worms: DP3-16
    Cast Iron Worm Gears: DP3-16
    Bronze Worm Gears: DP3-16

Special Application Worms and Worm gears

  1. Double Enveloping Worms and Worm Gears
  2. Communication antenna worm gear pairs
  3. Dual Lead Worm Gears(Duplex Worm Gears)
  4. Hollow Flank Worm Gear Sets
  5. Precision Helical Rotors
  6. Worm racks

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